Listening to Ledger.cli videos at work

Posted on Jan 18, 2019

I sometimes listen to software demonstration/screencast videos at work to help tune out other noises. I can only really do this when my current task is something repetitve, but in those cases, these videos do the trick. I don’t even watch the screen; I turn the phone face-down and just play the audio on earbuds. Right now I’m listening to Austin Walker do a presentation about Ledger.cli at a Boston Emacs Meetup a couple of years ago. I love the idea of plain-text accounting, but I don’t need to switch to Ledger anytime soon — TiddlyWiki is enough of an obsession. This video is especially nice because it was recorded in stereo. With headphones, you feel like you’re right in the audience.

Credit to @jack for mentioning Ledger, which I didn’t even know was a thing before now.