Posted on Feb 9, 2019

Following Rian van der Merwe’s lead:

A sliver of my vinyl collection is on Discogs. I have many, many more to catalog.

Analog sources

Turntable: Kenwood KD-600 (given to us by a dear friend after his audiophile father passed away)
Tonearm: Homemade, crudely based on a pre-production design of the Analog Instruments Apparition tonearm from New Zealand.
Turntable: Dual 1219, exactly like Dad’s (but currently out of commission until I get the motor cleaned)
Cartridge: Audio Technica AT120E/T
Phono preamplifier: McIntosh C27 (also inherited from a dear friend with an audiophile father who passed on)

Digital sources

FLAC library: Plex on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ (but I’m tempted by Roon)
Digital streamer: Apple Airport Express (a really old wall-wart one)
DAC: Schiit Modi 2 Uber

Amplifier, speakers, and headphones

Integrated amp: Yamaha AVC-50
Power amp: Harman Kardon PA2200
Speakers: Wharfedale Diamond 10.1
Headphones: Sony MDR-7506. The Sonarworks Tru-Fi app on macOS and iOS makes these incredibly smooth and non-grating for just listening to music.


Speaker cable: Monoprice 12AWG
Interconnects: KabelDirekt RCA cables from Amazon