18 hours, 35 minutes of TiddlyWiki so far this month

Posted on Jan 22, 2019

I wondered how much I had been playing with TiddlyWiki this month, so I checked RescueTime today. (This is a word of caution to people like me who gravitate towards an app like TW.)

I started playing with TiddlyWiki 5 on 2019-01-06.

As of 2019-01-21, I’ve spent a total of 18 hours, 35 minutes in Firefox in January, which can almost all be attributed to messing around in TiddlyWiki.

That’s 16 days, at an average of 1.16 hours/day. That isn’t so bad by itself, except for the situation I get into on weekends where I just go for two to three hours straight and barely come up for air. It sure is fun, but I don’t think that is good overall. There needs to be some balance with real life in here somewhere.