If it's not in the wiki, I don't actually know it

Posted on Feb 1, 2019

The more I use TiddlyWiki, the more I feel like it’s an extension of my brain. Last night, I was looking into some notes I had written about Org-Journal and found stuff I had written only a couple of weeks ago that I had already forgotten about and served to remind me what I was thinking at the time. It’s like, if it’s not in the wiki, I don’t actually know it, which sounds dramatic. But it’s similar to when I first got into GTD and adopted the “Capture” step (which is the only step that’s stuck after all this time; “Process” and “Review” and “Do” are where it gets difficult). From then on, I got ruthless about capturing tasks. If a task isn’t captured, it’s gone forever and can’t be committed to. The wiki is starting to feel the same. Like, why research anything if I’m not going to record it in here? It’s just going to float anyway otherwise.

Also, I am completely at sea about which tiddlers get date prefixes and which ones don’t.