Debbie Millman worries about wasting her life

Posted on May 24, 2019

snippet from an incredibly deep and long interview with Debbie Millman on Hurry Slowly:

…People will be like, “But you have this wonderful legacy with your podcast.” I’m like, “That’s just one thing. And I don’t even know that it’s worth being considered a legacy.” I actually still feel, and I feel this almost every day, almost all the time, that I am wasting my life. And that I’m not doing more important things that make a bigger difference. And I worry about that. I worry about, What if I die tomorrow? What a tragic life I’d have had, not having ever really manifested anything with meaning.

When I heard this in the car, I was thankful that Jocelyn K. Glei just let this hang there for a second without trying to probe. I almost never hear people talk this frankly on podcasts. Strange and comforting to hear, especially from someone as accomplished as Millman.