Maybe the Weekly Review is the trusted system

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

I feel like I want the perfect “trusted system” that will tell me what to do each hour of today, when I wake up tomorrow, Tuesday evening of next week, and from the 10,000-ft and 50,000-ft views, too. But that system doesn’t exist. It has to be a combination of systems run and reviewed by a person (me) at a fairly regular interval. It’s like expecting a captain to steer the ship solely from a map without looking ahead at the unknowns on the horizon. You have to regularly consult the map, look back up at the water coming at you, be OK with what’s rushing past on both sides of the hull, and adjust the wheel to deal with whatever comes up.

I think the Weekly Review is the overall trusted system, and it ties together a bunch of other components (detailed/immediate, medium-range, and long-range/fuzzy) as often as its owner needs it to.

Now if I could just get myself to stop hiding down in the bunks below deck, hoping the ship will avoid rocks and get to the right place on its own.