One thing I don’t know how to address in Johnny.Decimal: Where to put things along the spectrum of widely available/low security <—> reduced access/high security. Oh, and also the small capacity <—> big capacity continuum. Like, I have a small pile of non-sensitive random files in Google Drive that are mostly there to share with people, a bunch more less-random stuff in Dropbox that stays there because it’s easy to sync with and edit on mobile and I pay for lots of space, and a ton of more sensitive documents only on my MacBook and an external drive where I have gobs of space and certain tools only available on the laptop. I don’t think I’m supposed to duplicate all of the same folders across all these storage platforms, but I guess any categories + IDs that do make it to those platforms are supposed to stay consistent, even if the platforms hold different pieces of the entire J.D universe of files?